The World’s Largest Litigation Database

Premonition is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys win before which Judges

Open Cases Report

Get a list of your open cases with a simple “Traffic Light” scoring.

Identify which cases have a tough judge or opposing counsel, which ones are optimally staffed.

Great for: General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Management, Insurance and Financial Analysts.

Also see our Claims Report, which allows you to triage claims before they become lawsuits.

Case Facts Report

CaseFacts delivers powerful insights from litigation Big Data to enhance strategic case preparation.

For the first time ever, litigators can move beyond anecdotal information and build their litigation strategy around data. Set benchmarks regarding case outcomes and case duration. Analyze judicial tendencies. Uncover the strength or weakness of opposing counsel.

Gain Insights on the Presiding Judge

How many similar cases have they presided over?
How do they compare to their peers in terms of outcomes and case durations? What is the average success rate for Plaintiff? Defendant?
How does this compare to the overall court average?
What is the average case duration for similar cases in front of the judge?

Gain Insights on Opposing Counsel:

Have they litigated a similar case in front of the judge before?
How many times?
How long do their cases typically take?
What was their success rate?
How does this compare to the overall average?

Get the CaseFacts and gain a ‘very unfair advantage in litigation.’

Company Report

Premonition’s Company Report contains in-depth analytics on a company’s litigation history and attorney performance.

Law Firms use this report to improve Business Development through better Client Intelligence.

It is used by General Counsel to review their Panel Counsel.

  • Litigation History
  • Case Types
  • Legal Representation
  • Attorney/Firm performance
  • Case Duration (overall, case type, judge and client)

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers

Law Firm Report

Premonition’s Law Firm Report provides in-depth analysis of a Law Firm’s performance and efficiency.

General Counsel use this during their Panel Counsel Review process to identify top-performing firms. Law Firm’s use this report to track their litigation experience/performance and to improve their business development by pitching to their strengths.

  • Litigation History and Experience
  • Client Representation
  • Overall Firm Performance
  • Specific Attorney Performance
  • Average Case Durations (overall, case type, and client)
  • Case Types
  • Benchmarking to Competitors

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers

Case Durations

Lawyer Report

Premonitions’ Attorney Report contains in-depth analytics on an attorney’s performance and litigation experience.

Law Firms use this report to gather intelligence on opposing counsel and identify lateral recruiting opportunities. General Counsel use this report to review the performance of their external counsel.

  • Litigation Experience
  • Case Types
  • Client Representation
  • Performance (overall, case type, judge and client)
  • Case Duration (overall, case type, judge and client

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Finance, Pre-Settlement Funding

Judge Report

Premonition’s Judge Report contains in-depth analytics on the outcomes of attorneys in front of a judge.

It is used by General Counsel to identify the most effective and efficient attorneys in front of a judge. Law Firms use this report for gathering judicial intelligence, hiring co-counsel and identifying the strength of opposing counsel.

  • Attorney Performance by case type
  • Case Durations by case type and attorney
  • Plaintiff/Defendant outcomes by case type
  • Attorney Experience in front of a judge
  • Performance Outlier

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Finance

Top Litigants Report

Premonition’s Top Litigants Report ranks companies by volume of litigation in a court, state, or country.

Law Firms use this report to identify potential hidden clients. Litigation Finance Firms use this to identify potential leads.

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Finance

Motions Analyzer

Review the likelihood of success for different types of motions filtered by case type and judge.

  • What future motions are likely to be successful?
  • Should you file immediately for a change of venue?
  • How likely is opposing counsel to succeed on a motion?

Great for: Litigators, General Counsel, Hedge Fund Analysts

Claims Report

Get a list of your current claims with a simple “Traffic Light” scoring.

Identify which claims have a high potential for an adverse outcome in litigation and dispose of them before they hit the court system. Claims are assessed by case type and jurisdiction as they come in. When a Lawyer sends a letter of representation, the outlook is recalculated based on the Lawyer’s record for that case type and court.

Great for: General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Management, Insurance and Financial Analysts

Vigil – Real Time Court Monitoring

Hourly alerts from the World’s largest litigation database.

  • Hourly updates
  • Unparalleled reach – Reach down into results on a county by county level, or globally. Premonition’s coverage is larger than LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg combined.
  • Infinite granularity – Search venue, case type, judge, attorney, docket entries(e.g. set for trial), or keyword searches within documents.
  • API or CSV format – Import directly into Salesforce or your CRM system. Our competitors make you cut and paste.
  • Advanced filtering – No need to pay humans to read court documents. Our system reads 50,000 pages in under a second. Get exactly the information you need and only pay for what you use.

Great for:

  • Law Firm Business Development – 41,000 defendants a day are literally court ordered to look for a lawyer.
  • Structured Settlements – Search for competitors, their attorneys and keywords related to claims likely to involve a structured settlement.
  • Lawyers – Get the latest updates on your cases delivered hourly.
  • Litigation Finance – Find the lawyers and lawsuits most suited to your investment criteria weeks before traditional lead services.
  • Law Enforcement – Automated court monitoring for persons/entities of interest. The work of thousands of agents, automated.

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