LawyerFair Daily Podcast #62

Toby Unwin from Premonition speaks about how big data will change the way we select our lawyers.
Released: Aug 24, 2015

Today we chat with Toby Unwin, Chief Innovation Officer at www.Premonition.ai. Toby explains more about how Premonition uses Big Data to drive greater transparency into law and provide new insight into the actual court room performances of litigation lawyers – in the US, UK and beyond.

This kind of data driven analysis is going to have a dramatic impact on an historically opaque market, by enabling legal consumers to make decisions based on actual performance, rather than the less scientific channels of traditional legal recommendation and procurement. It’s also challenging what a lawyer can charge, what a client can pay and a measurement of the good, the bad and the ugly within the same firm.

Premonition are already causing quite a stir in the UK – judging by this recent thread from the Law Gazette, “‘Moneyball’ research ranks top law firms by win percentage.” So if you have any interest in the future of legal services and how lawyers will be selected in the future, it’s a must listen podcast.

Trial Technology and Lit Support Podcast

Toby Unwin talks Premonition and big data
Released: May 26, 2017

Selling Disruption Podcast

Disrupting with Artificial Intelligence to Win in Court
Released: June 5, 2017

If you knew how to win in court 80% of the time, choosing the lawyer and selecting the statute argument that would convince a judge to rule your way, what would that mean to your legal challenges? Toby Unwin, co-founder of Premonition.ai shares how he came up with this amazing strategy to disrupt and create an unfair advantage. Plus, he reveals how he did three years of law school in one year with only 90 days of studying, his systems for accomplishing so much, the millionaire’s secrets to success, and solid advice for a happy life.

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