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Premonition is a Leader of the Litigation Analytics Revolution

All of us who often speak and write about the ongoing revolution in data analytics for litigation have heard it from at least some of our fellow lawyers: “Interesting, but so what?” Here’s the answer in a nutshell. One often hears that business hates litigation because it’s enormously expensive and ...
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If Justice Can Be Blind, How Do We Know Judges Are Not?

If Justice can be blind, do we know that Judges are not? Why do certain lawyers excel before certain judges, and how can legal analytics help some clients to take advantage? In theory, a judge stands independent of the biases that malign most people’s decision-making. They are expected to weigh ...
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Premonition Review The Fabulous InsurTech Connect 2017

InsurTech Connect 2017 recently took place in Las Vegas and is described as ... “the world’s largest InsurTech event offering unparalleled access to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry incumbents from across the globe” On this basis, Premonition had to attend and show ...
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ALM Lists Premonition in -Top 20 Legal IT Innovations 2017

How did two boys who grew up together as north London neighbours end up assembling the largest database of lawsuits on the planet? That is what Toby Unwin and Guy Kurlandski, respectively CIO and CEO of Premonition Analytics, have done over the last three years since they cofounded the business ...
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Prepare for A Clash of Lawyer Vs. Artificial Intelligence

More than 50 solicitors, barristers and in-house counsel have volunteered to outsmart predictive software based on artificial intelligence in a ground-breaking lawyer v machine challenge. Lawyers will have a week to predict whether real PPI complaints were upheld or rejected by the Financial Ombudsman, before CaseCrunch, the new name for what ...
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Shopping Smart for Legal Services

With some lawyers billing > $1,500 ph, is it possible to get (and measure) value for money? The market for legal services can be murky one, whether you’re a general counsel for a Fortune 500 company or a regular schlub shopping around for a divorce attorney. Word of mouth remains the ...
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Premonition Big Data Analytics

News focus: How big data is transforming legal practice

(originally published October 2, 2017 in The Law Society Gazette) Big data is making its presence felt in legal practice in the most direct possible way. A commercial database of court case outcomes in the US and now in the UK lays bare named advocates’ success rates. ‘Clients are using ...
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Performance Metrics Give Some Law Firms The Edge

Over recent years, a buzzword in legal services (at least from the consumers perspective) has been “transparency.” The cost of legal services can dwarf that of big-ticket purchases like automobiles, yet the public has no reliable access to information on a lawyer’s past performance, or even a standard means to ...
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Ty Sagalow Gets Premonition

Ty Sagalow (ex CIO at AIG and Zurich) Joins Premonition

Premonition announces the retention of Ty Sagalow, former Chief Insurance Officer of Lemonade, as a Senior Advisor to the Company.  “My job for the last 35 years has been to find the waves that are likely to change insurance as it has existed.  Premonition is such a wave. It’s something ...
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Goodbye Legal Directories, Hello Data Analysis

There’s that old saying ... in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king well, historically when it came to choosing lawyers, choosing blind was the status quo for many clients. The market size of the US legal services sector is estimated to exceed $437 billion annually, ...
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Commercial Litigation and Artificial Intelligence

Commercial litigation is an expensive, deeply unpredictable, resource intensive and risky business, so much so that a significant number of companies and individuals shelve the idea of pursuing a claim before even investigating the options. Sometimes, however, a claimant will have no choice but to get involved in litigation because ...
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Do Legal Directories Add Any Value?

I recently posted a piece questioning the use of Legal Directories. Almost 1400 read it and there were many comments – most in agreement with my proposition that their use, in selecting lawyers, was limited. In The Times ‘The Brief’ section last year, a more excoriating appraisal; Legal profession award ceremonies ...
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