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A very very unfair advantage in litigation.

Because losing is expensive.

The vital factor in Litigation is your Counsel’s win rate before your judge. Premonition is the only company with that data.

Benjamin Wolkow, General Counsel

Premonition - Precognitive Law

Gives You:

1. Likely case outcome – How good is opposing Counsel, how tough is your Judge?

2. Which lawyers win before your Judge and/or Court?

3. Power to optimize every litigation decision.

4. Data to defend your decisions and justify your performance internally. [I.e. CYA]

5. Results that are 50% better and 50% cheaper, than hiring a major law firm and hoping.

Why Will You Love Premonition


Premonitions’ Attorney Report contains in-depth analytics on an attorney’s performance and litigation experience.

Law Firms use this report to gather intelligence on opposing counsel and identify lateral recruiting opportunities.

General Counsel use this report to review the performance of their external counsel.

  • Litigation Experience
  • Case Types
  • Client Representation
  • Performance (overall, case type, judge and client)
  • Case Duration (overall, case type, judge and client)

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Finance, Pre-Settlement Funding

Judges and Courts

Premonition’s Judge Report contains in-depth analytics on the outcomes of attorneys in front of a judge.

It is used by General Counsel to identify the most effective and efficient attorneys in front of a judge.

Law Firms use this report for gathering judicial intelligence, hiring co-counsel and identifying the strength of opposing counsel.

  • Attorney Performance by case type
  • Case Durations by case type and attorney
  • Plaintiff/Defendant outcomes by case type
  • Attorney Experience in front of a judge
  • Performance Outliers

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Finance

Law Firms

Premonition’s Law Firm Report provides in-depth analysis of a Law Firm’s performance and efficiency.

General Counsel use this during their Panel Counsel Review process to identify top-performing firms.

Law Firm’s use this report to track their litigation experience/performance and to improve their business development by pitching to their strengths.

  • Litigation History and Experience
  • Client Representation
  • Overall Firm Performance
  • Specific Attorney Performance
  • Average Case Durations (overall, case type, and client)
  • Case Types
  • Benchmarking to Competitors

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers


Premonition’s Company Report contains in-depth analytics on a company’s litigation history and attorney performance.

Law Firms use this report to improve Business Development through better Client Intelligence.

It is used by General Counsel to review their Panel Counsel.

  • Litigation History
  • Case Types
  • Legal Representation
  • Attorney/Firm performance
  • Case Duration (overall, case type, judge and client)

Useful for: Law Firms, General Counsel, Claims Managers


Review the likelihood of success for different types of motions filtered by case type and judge.

  • What future motions are likely to be successful?
  • Should you file immediately for a change of venue?
  • How likely is opposing counsel to succeed on a motion?

Great for: Litigators, General Counsel, Hedge Fund Analysts

Expert Witnesses and Arbitrators

  • How persuasive is your Expert Witness?
  • How persuasive is theirs?
  • Know before you hire.
  • Know before you depose.


Premonition Expert Witness selection by:

  • Plaintiff/Defendant
  • Case Type
  • Appearances and Win Rates

Who is your arbitrator?

For litigation in your hometown, typically your Attorney will know your Arbitrator, their reputation, or be able to make a few calls to get a feel for their temperament and inclinations.
For out of town litigation, Arbitrator due dilligence often ends with a shoulder shrug and an attempt to read between the lines of a bio.

  • What if you knew potential Arbitrators’ track records?
  • What if you knew which ones to avoid?
  • What if you could rank them exactly, with the stats to back up your decision?


For jurisdictions with publicly available Arbitrator decisions we can download and analyze Arbitrator track records by factors such as Plaintiff decision ratio, decisions for or against a company or industry, previous dealings with opposing Counsel, etc.

Where such data is not available, we are often able to analyze their record as an Attorney. For example, an insurance defense client would seek an Arbitrator who often represented civil defendants and had experience in similar cases. It should avoid Arbitrators who typically represented Plaintiffs.

Choice of Arbitrator is vital to your case outcome – Why leave it to chance?

Results Over 50% Better And 50% Cheaper Than Big Law

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