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Law is one of the few marketplaces where no one knows the value of each participant. There are huge variances in how good Attorneys are perceived to be and how good they actually are. Many expensive Lawyers are poor performers. Many cheap Lawyers are actually phenomenal—at least in front of certain Judges. Only Premonition knows.
Premonition has generated the World’s Largest Litigation Database. Our Artificial Intelligence system mines our Data to find out which Attorneys win before which Judges.


Litigate Intelligently.

PremonitionTM has re-imagined litigation data.

  • Know the track record of your Attorney.
  • Select Co-Counsel who have never lost in front of certain Judges.
  • Analyze the Court, Judge and Opposing Counsel by their Win Rates and Results.
  • Select Expert Witnesses based on their persuasiveness and past case results, not just their bio.
  • Rank Arbitrators based on past decisions and their prior track record as Attorneys.

“A truly disruptive technology will invade the legal services sector. All we can say about it is that until it appears, no-one will see it coming; and it will not resemble anything people are speculating about today.”-Bruce MacEwen, Adam Smith Esq.

Lawyer Reports

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Law Firm Report

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Large non-client law firms in the United Kingdom are routinely re-hiring poor performing Barristers while ignoring the best performers.


Attorneys are traditionally chosen by factors like “peer recognition”, that have no correlation with courtroom success.

Win Rate is the only true indicator.

Judge Schreiber 3


An Attorney with 32 straight wins before the Judge is a clear stand out performer.


Orange County Divorce cases - chart with comments

Some Attorneys consistently drag out Litigation.

Internal performance within firms is essentially random.
Using analytics to pick a panel improves Win Rates without the need to change firms.

  • How persuasive is your Expert Witness?
  • How persuasive is theirs?
  • Know before you hire.
  • Know before you depose.

Premonition Expert Witness selection by:

  • Plaintiff/Defendant
  • Case Type
  • Appearances and Win Rates

Who is your arbitrator?

For litigation in your hometown, typically your Attorney will know your Arbitrator, their reputation, or be able to make a few calls to get a feel for their temperament and inclinations.
For out of town litigation, Arbitrator due dilligence often ends with a shoulder shrug and an attempt to read between the lines of a bio.

  • What if you knew potential Arbitrators’ track records?
  • What if you knew which ones to avoid?
  • What if you could rank them exactly, with the stats to back up your decision?


For jurisdictions with publicly available Arbitrator decisions we can download and analyze Arbitrator track records by factors such as Plaintiff decision ratio, decisions for or against a company or industry, previous dealings with opposing Counsel, etc.

Where such data is not available, we are often able to analyze their record as an Attorney. For example, an insurance defense client would seek an Arbitrator who often represented civil defendants and had experience in similar cases. It should avoid Arbitrators who typically represented Plaintiffs.

Choice of Arbitrator is vital to your case outcome – Why leave it to chance?

Select Co-Counsel who have never lost in front of certain Judges.

  • Local, Bar registered, Counsel
  • Filtering by win rate, case type, Judge, opposing Counsel, opposing party, etc.
  • No need to travel for motions – Reduced costs
  • Judge experience
  • Workload sharing

If you have to hire an Attorney anyway, why not hire the best one?

Premonition can:

  • Monitor Courthouses in real time.
  • Select top 20 performers by Win Rate.
  • Manage hiring, timesheets and invoicing.
  • Access to over 20,000 of the best Litigators by Win Rate per Judge.
  • One invoice.
  • One point of contact.
  • Proven, verifiable results.
  • Increased Win Rates.
  • Internally defendable losses.

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