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the World’s largest Litigation Database

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The World’s Largest Collection Of Court Data From:
• The United States Federal System
• The United States Circuit Courts
• The United Kingdom High Courts
• The Virgin Islands
• Ireland
• Canada
• Australia
• New Zealand
• The Netherlands
• India

Don’t See What You Need?

Premonition’s Technology Can Capture Online Cases And Documents In:
• Any country
• Any language
• Any alphabet

What’s changed?
Court Data providers usually focus on Appealed cases – Less than 1% of all litigation.
Federal data accounts for 2% of all litigation.
Around 97% of US litigation is at the Circuit and County level and has been virtually ignored by data providers.


Americas 3,124 Courts are on disparate systems, with different formats and technologies. It is quite simply too difficult a job for humans to amass and normalize the data.

Vigil is a cutting-edge case alert system that leverages Premonition’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities and its unmatched court coverage. Premonition’s use of AI provides unmatched scale and speed.
Vigil delivers daily/weekly/monthly alerts from the world’s largest litigation database on cases filed across the country. Clients can input keywords and receive alerts delivered via email in an easily digestible format.
Vigil for Law Firms

Receive Daily/Weekly/Monthly Client Alerts
Uncover new business development opportunities
Monitor litigation trends

Vigil for Insurance

Court monitoring and trend analysis
Real-time litigation big data and trends
Forecast potential loss amounts and litigation volume

Vigil for Structured Settlement

Improve research efficiency and effectiveness
Results delivered in spreadsheet format that can be easily imported into CRM systems Conveniently order court documents (where available)

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A lot has changed in the court data game since 2014. Specifically Premonition. The company that redefined the data-gather process. Overnight. Read: an effort that required hundreds of thousands of dollars LAST YEAR – people, salaries, time, court contracts, prices, normalizing, and more; is now being done with an algorithm. A faster, cheaper, more accurate proposition that allows Premonition to spend their capital elsewhere.

Amy Hrehovcik, founder of Ailey Advisors

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