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Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

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There are more than 41,000 cases filed every day in the United States and they show, the same attorneys win against the same opponents in front of the same judges. But, there is no database that claims executives can access to compare attorneys’ “win rates” — until now.

Premonition has created a unique database with > 87% of all civil cases filed in the United States (criminal cases coming soon!). This database holds more data than all of our competitors combined!

Premonition has the largest litigation database in the world. Alongside coast to coast coverage in the United States, we cover courts in the United Kingdom as well as India, Australia and The Netherlands.

Approximately 1,000,000 cases are added every day. With this data, a claims executive can see which attorneys tend to be before which judges in which jurisdictions. Further, with average duration of similar cases, Claims can determine why the “cheapest” attorney by rate, may not have the lowest legal fees per case.

Discover Attorney “Win Rates”

Yet, it gets so much better.

Premonition has not only developed the largest litigation database, but also a proprietary algorithm calculating “win rates” by attorney. (Learn more on our Accuracy FAQ.)

Armed with this information, Claims can: (1) choose attorneys that win cases more often, (2) make data based decisions on Settlement vs Trial litigation strategy and (3) more effectively negotiate legal fees.

Plus, by knowing which attorneys have the highest “win rates” on appeal, claims examiners can decide whether to add the right appeals specialist to second seat the original trial attorney, or in appropriate cases, take over the case.

Premonition is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys win before which Judges.

An insider look at The Court from the Judge’s perspective.

Who are the top performers?

How Long Does A Lawsuit Last? Eliminate clock running.

Premonition Big Data Analytics

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Premonition Big Data Analytics

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Premonition Big Data Analytics

Pick the best lawyer by win rate for your case type and judge.

Pick the best lawyer by win rate for your case type and judge

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