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  • “It’s no secret that technology is having a significant impact on litigation, with the advent of cloud-based tools and collaborative workspaces. Now with the advent of AI and Big Data, this is but one new development that could be a real game-changer.”


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  • “An Artificial Intelligence system that mines Court data for unusual trends and outliers. The system is typically used by General Counsel at big companies seeking an edge in large litigation portfolios, or high stakes trials. The human element, Premonition claims, is worth an average 30.70% increase in win rate, which translates to substantial savings for clients.”


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  • “Until recently there hasn’t been much available to consumers regarding actual win/lose rates – at least not without an immense investment of time and resources. Seeking to fill this gap is Premonition, a legal analytics company that deploys data mining and analysis to determine individual lawyer win rates before judges.”



  • “Law has historically been a credence good. This means the market relies on elite credentials and firm reputation as a proxy for skill.”

    -Professor William Henderson


  • “I do not have to tell you the significant and revolutionary role is playing in altering the landscape of the profession.”

    -Professor Michael Hunter Schwartz,
    Dean and Professor of Law, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


  • “Like other disruptive technologies, Premonition has the capacity to completely recalibrate the way in which clients instruct legal professionals and legal professionals instruct each other.”


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“The most cutting-edge research tools available.”

Trevor Morrison, Dean, New York Law School

“For our legal financing opportunities, Premonition delivers a quantitative analysis of legal risks that is unique and provides invaluable insight.”


“I would be happy to give you a testimonial. I have been sharing the story with many already… I told my attorney that she had a great record in front of Judge Doherty and the Plaintiffs Counsel did not. She was floored that I had the information and where I got it from… This has allowed us to move forward and focus on the case and the strategy around the case.”

T. Ryan Fitzgerald, President, Spring Creek Development Group

“As a Judicial Reform advocacy group we are constantly searching for tools to bring transparency to the Courts and success in our legal battles. The most powerful analytical technology we’ve ever come across in the litigation arena is Premonition. It levels the playing field so that citizens who choose to fight back against misfeasance and abuse of the legal system may have the opportunity for their side to be heard. Premonition is the most cost-effective analytical tool ever invented.”


“The most vital factor in Litigation is your Counsel’s prior Win Rate before your Judge.
Premonition is the only company that has that data. If you have to hire an Attorney, why not hire a great one?”

Benjamin Wolkov Esq. General Counsel,

“Finally General Counsel can know the real track records of the professionals they’re instructing.”

Jasmine Kansal, General Counsel, Working Links

“General Counsel can’t hire a big firm and hope anymore.
It’s vital to know your Litigator’s Win Rate.”

Richard Waserstein Esq., General Counsel, Waterstone Capital

“A lot has changed in the court data game since 2014. Specifically Premonition. The company that redefined the data-gather process. Overnight. Read: an effort that required hundreds of thousands of dollars LAST YEAR – people, salaries, time, court contracts, prices, normalizing, and more; is now being done with an algorithm. A faster, cheaper, more accurate proposition that allows Premonition to spend their capital elsewhere.”

Amy Hrehovcik, founder, Ailey Advisors

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